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Did you hear about the Italian chef that died?



He pasta way.

we cannoli do so much

his legacy will become a pizza history.

here today, gone tomato

How sad that he ran out of thyme.

Sending olive my prayers to the family.

His wife is really upset. Cheese still not over it.

You never sausage a tragic thing

It’s such a shame good people have to die fusilli reasons.

he will never ziti light of day again.

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ok sorry shall stop my shahril ishak feels. hahahahaha maaf aku ade sikit crush kat dia

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Wah. Dah berzaman aku tak masuk ni tumblr. Cheh aku cakap macam aku ada more than satu tumblr gitu. Sorry lah followers, too many things telah happen dalam hidup aku ini. So harap2 korang yang setia pada blog aku ini tak benci lah padaku. Aku harap korang semua had a blast for your Hari Raya!

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Bulan puasa je; Air Katira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said: Woah, i thought u org malaysia! Sinagporeans \m/

Maaaaaajulaaaaah Singapuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *drum beats*

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reum-ah said: Hi, you have 3% of my tumblr crush and just thought I let you know :)


Awwwww loves! <3

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